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Our Own 'Since Daydot' Story

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Meet the Designer: Meet the Team

Daydot Clothing began it's story with me, Sophia. A mother-to-be who had always loved fashion and hand-making my own dresses for special occasions. I promise you, these moments of hobby enthusiasm were never intended for anything more than that.

As the anticipation of meeting our first-born began to build, I wasn't able to find those stand-out fabrics that I'd love our little boy to wear. I began making clothes for him from off-cuts of funky fabric I had at home.

Using my training from a fashion college I attended in my early 20's, more fabrics were ordered, more patterns were designed and more times my husband, Matt, wanted the kitchen table to be a place where we could eat. Eventually, he gave in, and as an Accountant, he began to naturally track my 'hobby' spending. Daydot Clothing began.

Today, from my studio in the South Wales valleys, Daydot has bloomed and we've grown with it. Our in-house model (our son) has the first try of most new designs and was only 14 weeks old when we launched the first Daydot collection. Basically, he was a great size-tester!

Each season, we launch a new range of products. I hold onto some of my favourites from previous seasons and always mix in new and exciting fabrics. I honestly hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Small business is important right now, so I'd like to sincerely thank you for buying from Daydot. It means the world.

The question is, how long have you been waiting for prints like these? Probably since Daydot...

Diolch (Thank You)

Sophia x

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